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Are you a student who wants to improve your vocabulary skills? An English Enthusiast who enjoys learning new words? Or just looking for some fun in this time of quarantine? Well, JumBulary welcomes you to this fun and exciting game with some added twist of learning experience.

This game aims to widen your vocabulary, increase your spelling abilities and will work your brain out by arranging scramble letters to frame the correct word. A tool that promotes fun while learning.

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We work with you to build comprehensive, thoughtful, and purpose-driven gamified learning and experiences.


Entertaining Game

JumBulary aims to widen your vocabulary, increase your spelling skills and will work your brain out by arranging scrambled letters to form the right word. Hints will be provided through its definitions. A tool that promotes fun while learning.


Learn New Words with Definitions

A very essential part of learning a language is learning vocabulary. JumBulary has thousands of words with definitions for you to discover.


Improves Correct Usage of Words especially in Communication

Communication has always been a part of every day of our lives. Anywhere you go or whoever you talk to, vocabulary always matter. Thus, right usage of words is important by knowing its definition is important. The more words you know, the more you will be an efficient communicator.


Increase Spelling Skills

Exercise your brain by formulating the jumbled words into the correct word. Practice and increase your spelling skills with us.


Typing Skills

Be a master at your own keyboard. JumBulary doesn’t only test your brain level but also test your typing skills.



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